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MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplement and Virus/Bacteria Outbreak

MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplement and Virus/Bacteria Outbreak

by Lydia Peru

You may have heard of it, miracle mineral solution. What is
it, and can it really be a miracle, and a solution?

Did you know that MMS is sodium chlorite, a water purifier?
It’s a specific diluted quantity. MMS can be used for
exactly that use, to purify your drinking water.

MMS has been used to treat thousands of cases of malaria in
third-world countries. It is effective, cheap, easy to use.
This natural substance uses an activator to produce an
amazing detox process.

The activator is what makes the sodium chlorite so
powerful. You can use lemon juice or vinegar, but citric
acid is recommended. Mixed in the right quantity we get
that miracle detox.

Once you mix the sodium chlorite with the activator you
will notice the taste. It is strong, to say the least. Mix
it with water, or apple juice without added vitamin C.
Drink with a straw to diminish tasting it.

It is recommended that you follow the protocol, and not
take too much at a time. This will give you a slower
healthier detoxification process.

If you want to read what others are saying about MMS and
join in a forum or discussion there is a group on Curezone
as well as other alternative health sites. These groups
include some doctors and other health professionals.

Is MMS really the miracle mineral? Some think its all hype. Others state it works, and has been effective in many cases. Many individuals are taking their wellness intotheir own hands when traditional practices have failed. The FDA does not like the name “miracle or cure” unless the substance is a registered drug.

Learn more about the simple methods available to us in our
environment and general health program.

MMS is known as miracle mineral
, the formula used to successfully treat malaria
in several third world countries. chlorine
has been used as a disinfectant on a wide scale
such as in the clean up of toxins in the Katrina storm aftermath.

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